Review: All is Lost



Watched: 1/25/14

 Starring: Robert Redford

 Premise: Redford runs into trouble while sailing across the Indian Ocean alone.

 Analysis: I cannot imagine a writer pitching a movie with no dialog to a studio executive. And yet this movie makes it work splendidly. It takes an outstanding actor to pull it off. Which is why some wise man in an office somewhere called Robert Redford. It is a pure, classic man vs. nature theme and Redford pulls it off. The Moviegoat is always partial to peril at sea tales and this one really delivers. It’s Redford vs. the Sea. Brain vs. Brawn. There is only one person in the entire movie. And yet, this movie makes you feel like you are right there with Redford, the whole time, fighting the waves, the sun and the sharks. I really felt for the guy – and that’s how you know you are watching a great actor. And I lost myself in it – which is how you know you are watching a great film. True it’s little off the beaten path. But if you like good movies, change up’s are always welcome.

 Score: 8 1/2


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